Edhv and Wendy Plomp Paper Cone Cave

Installation by design firm Edhv and Wendy Plomp. A cave of paper cones in the Verger shop for Milan fashion week. It feels like giant pencil tips.


Oracle Organics

Oracle Organics has 100% organics natural juices and great packaging. This juice has no preservatives, which means no natural flavors. Natural flavors can be a number of 30 different ingredients like Aspartame, dye, and saccharin so watch out. The fewer ingredients the better. Fresh squeezed juice is always better as the enzymes are active but juice over soda or sugary drinks is always a better choice. I have not seen these in the United States but hope they appear somewhere soon. On the go without a fresh juice bar around, these would be nice to have and you could easily reuse the snazzy glass bottle. Designed by Fenetik Design | Country: Australia


We Love Liam

Liam is an active six year old who happens to have a neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2. His lovely mother Lynn, founder of Satsuma Press, has organized a giveaway to raise funds for a bathroom remodel so that Liam can have a fully functional bathroom in his house (complete with roll-in shower).

Fifty-one artists have donated work for the giveaway, including INK+WIT. Please check out the details of the giveaway here and the list of participants. A great list of sweet and talented people.


Concrete Pod Egg Shape Dwelling by Kazuya Morita

I want one. This egg pod, found on G Living, is a mixture of white cement, lightweight aggregate and glass fiber. "According to the designer’s website, the diameter and height of the pod are the expansion of a hen’s egg shell. Holes in the body of the pod lend a sense of weightlessness to the structure while allowing a delicate sprinkling of light to reach the person nesting inside this cocoon of air and concrete."

Business Grounding and Ethics through Yoga's Yamas

Hope your all doing well. I am so happy and thankful that the last post about finding balance in your business life struck a cord with you. Now I am going to speak straight about grounding oneself while running a business with yogic lifestyle as the teacher. I understand this may not be for everyone and in no way am I pushing any way of life on you. I offer this post from the heart and personal experience and realizations I had that helped me root myself ethically in running INK+WIT and in life.

As many of you may know I have a yoga practice. Not one that is only on the mat but one that is my life. I searched for a long time through my teen years and college to find a philosophy and way of life that resonated with me. A guide if you will that had compassionate answers about how to live in peace with the ultimate emphasis on being fair and kind to all beings including animals.

I never felt as grounded (steady and joyful) with my business, finances, ethics, and outlook as I do now after having a yogic way of life for seven years. More so, in the last two years since meeting my teacher Dharma Mittra. Some of us may find our guide and starry light in our parents, the Buddha, Jesus, or whomever helps you feel one with all in the universe. For me, something hit home when I applied the yogic teachings of Yama and Niyama to my business life. Similar to how you purify your diet and home, you purify your business ethics and intentions. The Yamas and Niyamas are the ethical rules of Yoga. The Yamas are how we act in the external world and stated below is how they filter into my business and life off the yoga mat. The Niyamas, which I will not cover here, are how we interact with ourselves and internal world.

Ahimsa is the practice of non violence.
Business Grounding application: Do not harbor any ill will, jealously, or negative thoughts towards others, be good to yourself and pat yourself on the back - running a business can wear you down and out and you must remember how much work you are doing and not let your mind go into dark spaces thus creating noise creating ill feelings towards yourself or others

Satya is truthfulness.
Business Grounding application: This is a big one! You can not only lie to your highest self but lie to clients, colleagues, and you may not even think that you lied. I know we all bend the truth a little here and there but instead of really bending it perhaps set the intention to be kind in your mind and be silent or just be honest in the best way. For example, if someone says do you like my haircut? You might say, yes, but I really love you with long hair. When, maybe you are thinking, BAD hair! We can easily let people know how we feel simply by our energy and if your words do not match your energy and expression you look like a liar and often the person feels worse because you sugarcoated it. As a business owner I like to be honest with everyone about the process of their designs and if they really work. I do not lie for money, never have, never will, and I feel that it is commonplace these days to take someone's hard earned cash in exchange for less. Watch your intentions behind why you are doing a project. Are you doing it for the lower self or the higher self. Yes, you must earn money but are there ethics and can you stay honest? A great client relationship is based on trust. And trust is based in honesty.

Asteya is non-stealing.
Business Grounding application: We often think stealing is shoplifting or taking something from someone in material form. However, interrupting someone when speaking is stealing the conversation. Finishing someone's sentence (unless it is your beloved on a romantic evening) is stealing someone's thoughts. Overcharging for what you know will take very little time and energy is stealing. And, when someone is happy be happy. When you are down you steal their moment and time to shine. Also, ideas. We recycle ideas all the time but in a huge Internet pool now where we can access everyone's work be careful how close you come to someone's style and words. Be inspired but do not copy. I remember seeing an illustrator who completely ripped off illustrator Ralph Steadman's work. It was exact. Be as original as you can. it takes time to develop a style but try to introduce your own color palette, line quality, shapes, and concept. If birch trees are in vogue apply your own style and run with the hot trend. But, be different. That is what will give you longevity as a business owner anyway. be yourself, be unique and keep it clean.

Brahmacharya is moderation.
Business Grounding application: It is also celibacy but let's not touch that here as we are talking work business not very intimate personal business. Moderation is key to maintaining your energy in business life. If you overwork yourself you will crash. If you are lazy nothing gets done. Enough said.

non-possessiveness and non-attachment.
Business Grounding application: If the goal is to always have more and when you get it you are attached to it, when it leaves you sadness and anger may present itself. Do not be attached to any praise, following, rank, twitter following, press, fame, or fortune. Embrace it, honor it and those who take the time to buy your work or work with you, but do not let it become an attachment. Life has ups and downs and sometimes the waves are huge. Sometimes waters are dull and shallow. There are times when work floods in the doors and when it is dry and you are waiting for the ship to come in. Remember business life should be nurtured like any other part of life. Plant good seeds and weed out what is not serving you. When you do you will be less attached to the material plane knowing it can disappear at any time. This helps when jobs fall through. This helps when not everyone likes your work. This helps when your hot and your not. Being a business owner can become competitive (if you let it) and really, what do you own, nothing, only your spiritual insight and personal experiences. So, when things fall away be grounded in all that has been given to you even when it fades. Do not be attached. Just accept the good with bad and be neutral. Do what you are doing for the greater good. Make people happy. You will be happy and stay grounded in pure intentions.

Stay humble, kind,
open minded, and remember how you started, where you started, and be fair to everyone. Listen well, speak with clear intention, be moderate in your daily grind, and live simply. Your business will grow and be planted in good intentions. When the seasons change you will have a toolbox to stay planted, steady, and keep it real.

Munio candela natural soy-wax mini candles at ABC Home

On this overcast day I want these Munio Candela candles from ABC Home burning in my office. The simple package design is lovely too. Toxin-free soy wax with lead-free wicks handmade by artisans using herbs from the Latvian countryside.

Madeline Weinrib Unveils Her First Wall Paper

Madeline Weinrib is one of my favorite textile designers. She lives and works in New York City as a painter and designer and is the grand daughter of ABC Carpet & Home founder Max Weinrib (lucky lady)! Madeline has carried on the family tradition with her innovative collection of artisanally-crafted pillows and textiles. Her color palette is lush and opulent with the concept rooted in traditional forms and her travels. Madeline's new wallpaper, based on her hand painted designs then silkscreened on a clay coated paper by US-based workshop, Studio Printworks, will be displayed at the Madeline Weinrib Atelier on the 6th floor of ABC Carpet & Home mid May.

Featured above at top are Madeline's designs for carpets and pillows and on bottom the new Alemande wallpaper design. "Titled "Allemande" the lyrical black and white pattern was inspired by antique French brocade and reinterprets its sumptuous, old-world feel with an airy freshness. With visible brushstrokes and traces of the artist's hand throughout the surface, the design has a highly-gestural, spontaneous feel which harks back to Madeline’s beginnings as an abstract painter."


Balloon Shakers at Merchant no.4

Thin and durable hand blown glass balloon spice/salt + pepper shakers designed by Masayuki Kurokawa, an award winning architect and product designer. Hand-blown by Shotoku Glass Co., who originally created lightbulbs in Japan.

Found at my favorite online shop Merchant no.4

Happy Earth Day and Organic Paper Chips by Hafsteinn Juliusson

Happy Earth Day. Hopefully, we can all take a moment to thank the planet and elements for keeping us alive.

These Slim Chips, organic paper chips, are hysterical. Tasty edible paper and pure organic tastes. Hmmm, not enticed to eat them but the idea of them as a gag gift entices me. Designed by Hafsteinn Juliusson, an Industrial/Interior designer from Reykjavik, Iceland living and working in Milano, Italy.


The Happy Campers

Lately I have been trying to take a break with my husband. He is on vacation this week. Somehow planning a trip was not in the stars. When I found the website The Happy Campers it made me realize I would be happy going even an hour away to a campsite and sleeping in a tent for 2-3 days relaxing under a bunch of trees. I remember as a child how it was so exciting to make a tent out of sheets in your room or a tent in your backyard. Honestly. I might just put up a tent in my backyard and sleep out there for 1 night and call it a mini vacation. Everything is what you make it, right?

The Happy Campers has a great website dedicated to camping sites in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Stunning places to be in nature. And, they have a inspirational book here. (images above from The Happy Campers website)


Saffron Marigold

I was super excited to hear from Saffron Marigold a few weeks ago about their line of textiles. Based in Petaluma, CA, Saffron Marigold's line includes hand block printed duvet covers, bed spreads, drapes, cushion covers, curtains, pillow covers, table cloths, valances and shower curtains. The creations are sourced from Rajasthan, where entire villages derive their livelihood from the craft of hand block printing.

Saffron Marigold features amazing pictures of the block printing, dying, and drying process here to fully see how hard the craftspeople of Rajasthan work from start to finish. It is a pleasure to see the colors being mixed, the hand stamping process which is quite tedious, and the linens being air dried. The block printing process is quite serious. Each block is Sheesham wood, a heavy and hard wood made from a deciduous tree, native to India. If there are any areas printing gaps or holes in the carved design block, the holes/areas must be plugged with cotton. In addition, the most skilled artisan printer must print the first pattern in outline. They use their hands to measure, no ruler. As each design on the block is hand printed they move their hands from place to place ensuring accuracy of the final forms. So much love and care goes into the full design and there are quite a few people working on it. It is special to know each piece of Saffron Marigold is created with love and genuine skill.


Decode London

"HEAVY DESK LIGHT" / Benjamin Hubert

"CUTAWAY" / Jethro Macey

Decode London - 12a Broadway Market Mews, London E84TS, UK


Running a Business and Finding Balance... Intentions

I had a great day today and struck a cord within myself to really let my thoughts rip online. I have held back from writing more personal stories with exception to my story about my cat, Uma, and how her disappearance for 6 weeks changed my perspective on past attachments in my life. But I have not really sat behind the screen and typed about my work ethic, my arrival to run my own business, how I run my business, how I stay sane, how my yoga practice has changed and grown, and how moving out of my home studio changed my life in the last 4 weeks.

I will start with balance. Balance in your intentions. Not balance of all these different t
hings we must do but how to balance the ultimate intention (being happy, kind, helpful). I think having a joyful life while running a business must have a solid intention behind it to create a work ethic and body of work which uplifts the business owner and society. Whether you are making vases, pizzas, or delivering newspapers, the task at hand must be enjoyed or the intention of the business becomes dark. It is inevitable that there will be a project, an event, a pitfall, and a wave of uncontrollable ups and down that come at you. I am learning that in these waves are opportunities to see change, growth, and truth ultimately creating balance. And, the truth hurts sometimes unless you look at it upside down and say, there is the answer... here in the chaos. But to see the answer in the chaos one must be still.

Otherwise, we can move in every direction unconsciously with many intentions, some of them unconscious, and the ultimate vision goes out the window, and the balance. The stress that I have gone through and that I see other people going through all seem to be connected to too many unrealistic goals, poor focus of intention, and lack of stillness. The businesses I have worked with that are thriving maintain some stillness and really love what they do. I love what I do. I admit, at times, I feel overwhelmed with keeping a business going and thriving especially in today's economical climate. But, I always tell myself to keep going. The reality is when you sail you have to tack with the wind and you do not sail straight to the destination. You move left, right, a little back, and there are bumps, HUGE bumps, and maybe even a storm. When the storm hits, can you find balance and run the business at ease? Or do you start drowning?

Balance is also not totally being your business. Even though I love what I do I am learning more and more to leave it in a lock box so I can eat dinner with my husband and not talk about a project. When the business threads through all parts of your life, the storm is building and it is only a matter of time until there is a thunderstorm over your bed where you cannot sleep or stop thinking about a project, money, and how you will stay on top of it all. The stillness in shutting up about your work and what you do (business wise) will provide white space and clarity for all other parts of you that need attention.

And when you take care of the other parts, you ultimately find balance and peace, or some. (It is not easy but at least if we know we can train the mind to be quiet and also nurture our truest self, the best parts of us will be revealed and the business will take care of itself in the calm of the storm because steadiness has been practiced day to day.) When the mind is too busy there can be no balance.

litill terrariums

It appears terrariums are in demand these days. I have not had the desire for one I must admit. But, litill's did make me curious. The colors are combined in a beautiful way. Bright blues, pinks, and yellows with all that white stone and sand is quite pretty and relaxing to look at.

Painting Inspiration

Sometimes when you are looking at your own work too long, whether on the wall, computer, proofs, etc. it is nice to just pick up a book of your favorite artists and dive into their images. I find mind and eye relief in it. it takes me away from my work in a good way and recharges my creative batteries.

from top to bottom:

National Stationery Show prep

It has been very busy here getting ready for the National Stationery show. I swear, the time just goes by all year and then bam, the show is here.

Over the next 4 weeks I have seven new letterpress notecards debuting, 3 new stamp sets of Arctic Animals, Paris, and Safari scenes, tea towels, wrapping paper, and if it can get done, wallpaper. Yes, finally, wallpaper. I had to surrender yesterday and say, it will all come together. For those of you who have not yet done a trade show, it is very important to remember you cannot get every thing in your mind done. But, you can get most of it done if you stay calm and enjoy the ride. I just keep repeating it is what it is.

Above is a sneak peek of my new fox.



I recently ordered a lovely linen mousepad from SHIM + SONS and the package was so gorgeous. Glassine bag, red candy, washi tape, and very sweet tags to detail the work. Now, I finally have a well designed mouse pad!

images: INK+WIT


Lerkenfeldt Photography

Lerkenfeldt Photography
Bernhard bangs Alle 25
2000 Frederiksberg

(found via seewsaw)


Scout Regalia

Los Angeles based duo, Scout Regalia, is a multitasking design studio focusing on design and fabrication of space, furniture, home products, graphic identities, material processes, and sustainable living. And, they have won my heart. I love the SR Outdoor Table Set made of enameled aluminum and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified redwood.There are 210 aluminum colors to choose from so you can really customize the table.

Then, there is the SR Patio Garden Kit (DIY) including everything you need to construct a patio friendly garden of various sizes and lengths. The SR Patio Garden Kit (DIY) comes with powder coated heavy gauge steel brackets and a drainage textile made of 40% post industrial recycled content to help drain soil. Brackets are locally manufactured in Los Angeles and designed to minimize waste and maximize material. Also available fully assembled: SR Patio Garden

SR is dedicated to supporting local fabricators, and aspires to embody innovation, discipline, and inquisitiveness in all the work that is produced. Created by Benjamin Luddy and Makoto Mizutani.

Time to start that garden!!!



Designed by Graham Smith, ImJustCreative, a UK based freelance logo and brand identity designer

Ann-Sofie Donning / Garamond 3 Concentration Game

Garamond 3 typeface showcasing its pros and cons with typography in black and white.
Designed by Ann-Sofie Donning


Happy Easter

Enjoy the weekend with family and friends (and bunnies!)

10x10 bunnies


Aux Armes Etc Luxury Window Concepts

Creative luxury window concepts and styling by Aux Armes Etc. Great use of color and what appears to be colored tape.

Lula Magazine Edition 10 / Girl of My Dreams

Lula Magazine Girl of My Dreams
Features different covers inspired by Strawberry Shortcake and her friends.

Printed in UK.

The Mobile Factory

Loving the colors and shapes (I am on a huge Calder kick right now)

26" tall x 28" sweep diameter