Madeline Weinrib Unveils Her First Wall Paper

Madeline Weinrib is one of my favorite textile designers. She lives and works in New York City as a painter and designer and is the grand daughter of ABC Carpet & Home founder Max Weinrib (lucky lady)! Madeline has carried on the family tradition with her innovative collection of artisanally-crafted pillows and textiles. Her color palette is lush and opulent with the concept rooted in traditional forms and her travels. Madeline's new wallpaper, based on her hand painted designs then silkscreened on a clay coated paper by US-based workshop, Studio Printworks, will be displayed at the Madeline Weinrib Atelier on the 6th floor of ABC Carpet & Home mid May.

Featured above at top are Madeline's designs for carpets and pillows and on bottom the new Alemande wallpaper design. "Titled "Allemande" the lyrical black and white pattern was inspired by antique French brocade and reinterprets its sumptuous, old-world feel with an airy freshness. With visible brushstrokes and traces of the artist's hand throughout the surface, the design has a highly-gestural, spontaneous feel which harks back to Madeline’s beginnings as an abstract painter."