Running a Business and Finding Balance... Intentions

I had a great day today and struck a cord within myself to really let my thoughts rip online. I have held back from writing more personal stories with exception to my story about my cat, Uma, and how her disappearance for 6 weeks changed my perspective on past attachments in my life. But I have not really sat behind the screen and typed about my work ethic, my arrival to run my own business, how I run my business, how I stay sane, how my yoga practice has changed and grown, and how moving out of my home studio changed my life in the last 4 weeks.

I will start with balance. Balance in your intentions. Not balance of all these different t
hings we must do but how to balance the ultimate intention (being happy, kind, helpful). I think having a joyful life while running a business must have a solid intention behind it to create a work ethic and body of work which uplifts the business owner and society. Whether you are making vases, pizzas, or delivering newspapers, the task at hand must be enjoyed or the intention of the business becomes dark. It is inevitable that there will be a project, an event, a pitfall, and a wave of uncontrollable ups and down that come at you. I am learning that in these waves are opportunities to see change, growth, and truth ultimately creating balance. And, the truth hurts sometimes unless you look at it upside down and say, there is the answer... here in the chaos. But to see the answer in the chaos one must be still.

Otherwise, we can move in every direction unconsciously with many intentions, some of them unconscious, and the ultimate vision goes out the window, and the balance. The stress that I have gone through and that I see other people going through all seem to be connected to too many unrealistic goals, poor focus of intention, and lack of stillness. The businesses I have worked with that are thriving maintain some stillness and really love what they do. I love what I do. I admit, at times, I feel overwhelmed with keeping a business going and thriving especially in today's economical climate. But, I always tell myself to keep going. The reality is when you sail you have to tack with the wind and you do not sail straight to the destination. You move left, right, a little back, and there are bumps, HUGE bumps, and maybe even a storm. When the storm hits, can you find balance and run the business at ease? Or do you start drowning?

Balance is also not totally being your business. Even though I love what I do I am learning more and more to leave it in a lock box so I can eat dinner with my husband and not talk about a project. When the business threads through all parts of your life, the storm is building and it is only a matter of time until there is a thunderstorm over your bed where you cannot sleep or stop thinking about a project, money, and how you will stay on top of it all. The stillness in shutting up about your work and what you do (business wise) will provide white space and clarity for all other parts of you that need attention.

And when you take care of the other parts, you ultimately find balance and peace, or some. (It is not easy but at least if we know we can train the mind to be quiet and also nurture our truest self, the best parts of us will be revealed and the business will take care of itself in the calm of the storm because steadiness has been practiced day to day.) When the mind is too busy there can be no balance.