New Studio Update: bare bones... but I am there

Well, I could honestly sit here and write a very long story but I will try to sum up the last 3 weeks moving into a new studio space. Lots of work.

I have no stellar images to show you of the space because honestly it is such a work in progress right now and painting has taken so long. The place was really a mess when I opened the door. Left with a lot of cleaning and standing in one spot for long periods of time trying to access what to do to make it shine.

I have been in it working countless hours but have fallen behind in the decorating because a few missing pieces are at IKEA and others still en route.

I show you this one image of a stark corner but a vivid one with Ganesha looking out over my illustration work table. It was a huge step for me to leave my home studio so piece by piece this space will shed its old skin and reveal many gems. Also, a pic above of my Hans Wegner chair score from ebay 3 years ago and a new ceramic drum table snag at TJ Max for $26.

Most importantly, I have changed my pace, my lifestyle, and look forward to a new body of work long overdue. A new website, new products, new directions, and new beginnings.