Dream Office Furniture, Being a Workaholic, and a New Beginning

I am moving into my new studio/office today. BIG change for me. After working form a lovely home studio for six years it was time to change the mood of work at home. I know many of us work from home these days and it is great to have all your personal needs at your fingertips. However, what brought this change on for me was my home life blending into my work life way too much. My husband returns from work at 4 or so everyday and he is so happy to see me and our cats, eat dinner, watch TV, and kick back. I, however, end up working after hours when he is home and forget that the day really needs to end at a realistic time where I have time for my family, friends, cats, and myself.

I Love work. I have always been a workaholic. It is in my genes. My father was and is one of the hardest workers I have ever met in my life thus far. And my mother, so strong in her ability to work as a nurse helping lift people to and from beds, offer support and wisdom, and absorb a full day of life and death.

I started working at the age of 12 as a babysitter earning $50 a day to watch three small children. I would ask my dad to drop me off at the mall so I could shop at The Limited. I bought a lot of nice clothes by myself and saved too. My grandfather was a great saver and taught me well. So thankful for his inspiration.

I am on a tangent here.

Well, back to working at home versus out of home. Now that you know I am a workaholic, I am also a lover of furniture, new and old, vintage and modern. This move has created an appeal for me to set up an office with great charm, simplicity, and functionality. The images above are my ideal finds. Ideal. I cannot say they will find their way into the space at this time. But, I can manifest the idea. I will be posting all week on the move, transitioning out of a home office, new finds for the space, and what is surfacing for me emotionally as I now have separation anxiety from my 3 cats I will not see all day.

- Pan Am Italian Chrome Chair 1960s from Rerevival
- Landau Sofa from Jayson Home & Garden
- All other items from R20