Help Animals in Need / INK+WIT donating half of sales from Animal Poster

” Treat every other being exactly the same, with absolutely no discrimination. Treat everyone with love and kindness.”

- Sri Dharma Mittra

We must reach out to all beings. There has been little to no coverage on animals being rescued in Haiti or anywhere for that matter. But, they are there, in need, in pain, and we can help.

I am delighted to extend a sale to you on the INK+WIT Animal Poster normally retailing for $60 but until Monday, $50, and half of the sales (minus your shipping) will go to Best Friends Animal Society. I will email you a receipt with verification that your proceeds are going to the cause.

Even if you do not wish to buy a poster then please consider donating to Best Friends Animal Society or the Organizations below. Thank you so much for your help. The animals need it. Without us they are in trouble. And, I encourage us all to think of animals everywhere not just in Haiti but in your own backyard. What can you do? It is evident good news of giving travels fast on the internet now.

International Fund for Animal Welfare
World Society for the Protections of Animals
American Humane Association
United Animal Nations