Franz Kafka Ein Hungerkünstler book by Zeixs

Great Illustrated Kafka book by German Publisher, Zeixs. Written by Franz Kafka in 1921 and published after his death in 1924,

"Ein Hungerkünstler (A Starving Artist), is the story of a performing artist who starves himself for 40-day periods. Admired for his feat, he admits on his deathbed that it required no skill; he just could find no foods that appealed to him. Zeixs—a portal for books for designers founded by the Germany-based publishing house Feierabend Unique Books—and graphic designer Juergen Schlotter present Franz Kafka’s 1922 story in an exceptional graphic way. With typography and illustration that visually interpret Kafka’s narrative of the human pursuit of attention and prestige and of the imminent fall when they fail to appear; the letters and punctuation marks were carved into lino plates and digitized to portray the bipolar nature of the protagonist by using lettering with a harsh edge. " (via Communications Arts)