these creatures

I have three cats and I am seriously considering investing in these wonderful ergonomic stylish feeding bowls. Designed by Washington based, these creatures, the bowls are created in several heights comfortable for eating and aiding in optimal digestion for your furry friends. I have certainly noticed my cats scrunching down to eat off the floor with their neck shortened. It is like us when we sit at the computer all out of whack or eating in some strange formation on the couch and then getting up all cramped and bloated from eating improperly. We, as humans, do not even use the toilet correctly. For proper removal of bodily waste we should have our feet up on small short bench while we use the toilet. Think yogic squat. Well, this was supposed to be all about the animals but since the subject seemed somewhat relevant I figured I would bring up what we all can use as well for optimal digestion and comfort. If we can feel uncomfortable so can animals. Happy to see new functional products for animals that are made with so much care.

Anyway... I am particularly fond of the house mounted bird feeder (of course - birds!)

(found via Oh Joy)