Megan Auman cozy/cuff SNAP and Holiday Ornaments

Megan Auman is one of my dear friends and is quite the sculptor and designer. Her Cozy Cuff, which I use all the time, replaces those pesky cardboard slip on cup protectors everywhere saving on paper and production of more unnecessary novelty food packaging. The Cuff can also be worn as a stylish bracelet and I love the new snaps.

he newest version of the cozy/cuff is a bracelet that doubles as a reusable coffee cup sleeve. The new cuff is more functional and eco-friendly, and the result is the cozy/cuff SNAP.

The cozy/cuff SNAP features two sets of snaps. Snap it on the outside setting and it fits perfectly on standard 12, 16, and 20 ounce coffee cups. Snap it on the inside setting and it fits snugly around your wrist. Perfect for small to medium size wrists. (In fact the cozy/cuff SNAP is available in two sizes - small - for wrists up to 7" - and medium - for wrists up to 7 1/2")

And because you can unsnap it, the cozy/cuff SNAP ships flat, which is a reduction in packaging over the original cozy/cuff.

The cozy/cuff SNAP is made from laser-cut wool felt and is available in six colors - light grey, dark grey, black, light turquoise, camo green, and fuchsia pink. The cozy/cuff SNAP is available now at meganauman.etsy.com for $32 (and free shipping.

Megan also designs and creates lovely ornaments that can certainly be hung all year round. I love multipurpose creations.