After having an asana practice now for over six years and teaching it for three I have slipped on "sticky" mats and various other mats that feel like jelly, jello, slip and slides, and hair. Yes, one felt like it had pieces of course hair to prevent you from slipping. No, no, and no. I have been using a JADE yoga mat ever since I discovered them at Jivamukti Yoga, NYC, four years ago. At the time, called "Harmony" mats. They are made from natural rubber which has incredible cushion, resilience, and grip. Do not fret about the cost. They are worth it. The rubber smell goes away too. And, you actually work in hanumanasana (split) as your heel does not just slide through your sweat to assist you.

"Tapped from rubber trees, natural rubber is a renewable resource and our mats are made in the United States in compliance with U.S. environmental laws and contain no
PVCs - making our mats the first "green" yoga mats", says founder and yogi Dean Jerrehian.

They come in variable thicknesses so whether you want to feel the floor or need more cushion you have options. They are easy to transport.

Beware of bringing them into extreme heat and moisture... Bikram Yoga. I have destroyed one of my mats by getting it moist and overheated.
For every mat sold a tree is planted by Jade.

My teacher shown, the wonderful and blissful
Dharma Mittra.