These are the most awesome non leather bags I have ever seen. And, there are canvas ones too. Matt & Nat strive to bring you high fashion cruelty free bags and wallets. And, their blog is full of education on animal rights and the environment.

I have not bought leather in over 3 years now. Once I watched live footage, and I will spare you the details of an innocent animal going through hell to make someone a leather jacket, I knew my love of leather was over. We are not living in a world where we need to kill animals for leather or fur. We have a large pool of stores and designers who are completely animal free. It is time for an update. We update our computer software why not update our knowledge of where our belongings really come from in this world.

And, how many of those leather or fur jackets have ended up in a consignment shop or are collecting dust in the closet?

Yes, I know my 2 cents but only through more knowledge do we gain a greater insight.