I have some real serious catching up to do regarding posting new work on the site and blog. I have been pregnant 2X in one year so life has flown by. Baby number 2 due in 4months! Still going strong here with design but getting so much of the new work for baby, wedding, and brand design on the site and blog has fallen behind. Little by little I am trying to catch up on it starting now. Basically, the only thing I missed in the last year was the National Stationery Show. Nope, I have not slowed down here, lol.

Featured above is the Blissful bear design we used for our first son's birth announcements (printed by Boxcar Press.) One color, black, on lettra fluorescent white 110lb super soft cotton paper. My husband's last name is Button so how could I resist making a round circle picture card in the shape of a circle with a button on the backside. Kraft envelopes with washi tape sealed the deal.

If you are interested in readymade or custom birth announcements please email me at info@inkandwit.com / pics here

This design makes me very happy!