INK+WIT 2103 calendar sneak peek

It is that time again... another calendar design. This one almost did not happen. Then, I realized that I just had to make one again. The calendar customers have been so excited and dedicated to this calendar series every year it gave me the motivation to get it done even though my 8 month old son has kept me up every night. Hence, no sleep equals very little concentration time to create a very detailed calendar. 

While I have not visited every place in the calendar I hope to someday. I think of these places as major energy centers, or a vortex. I remember when I visited Iceland, Joshua Tree and Govardhan Hill, there was a charge in the air, in the ground. I felt really good. I have not been the Machu Picchu, the Pyramids, Sakura, and while I have been to Iceland I have not yet seen the Northern Lights.

This calendar theme was inspired by Saraswati Om. We were having a conversation about how I could illustrate Sacred Places. My personal journey with these places near and far resonated with the simple but complex word, Vortex.

This calendar is on press as we speak by the lovely couple at Pistachio Press, Rachael and Jake. I will be posting the final letterpress version on or near 11/12. They will be ready to ship on or near 11/20. cost: $48 plus Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping of $5.50.

If you would like to reserve one as there is only a limited edition of 125, please email info@inkandwit.com

Thank you and cheers!