WORDS UP / thieves

In the last year I have had so very much given to me & a bit taken away for deeper purification of the true self. In that which has been taken away I have learned great lessons & that many people steal consciously & unconsciously but mostly consciously. They steal each other's goals, inspirations, happiness, energy & finances. A very wise man told me recently that what makes a great mother is affection & boundaries. I sit on this now remaining as silent in my goals as possible & in my business life as the past months have proven to be full of many thieves only to teach me to always kindly lay down even more boundaries. Even those who appear kind can be moving through a lot of muck & what one shares with them should be zero to minimal. You get better at spotting thieves once you have really passed through karma with them. And you know better to not say much. People will continue to steal & take but we can be wise not to empower or trust them.