CLAY: Katherine Glenday at Amaridian

Katherine Glenday's vessels, featured at Amaridian, are masterful symbols and metaphors that capture light, movement, sound and silence. Breathless in their translucency and luminosity, the porcelain vessel has been Katherine's central voice for more than twenty years. Technical virtuosity governs her ability to create a sublime balance between control and surrender. Clay is the translucent and transparent skin between the material and the immaterial.

Katherine continues to be inspired by gestures from nature. Her collection of porcelain vessels with strong cobalt and bronze oxide strokes and splashes, represent a distilled human mark. These are meditative pieces that have grace. Focusing on the moment remains core to her expression. Each form springs out of spontaneity and chance; offering the viewer a respite from a world filled with a cacophony of visual stimulation. A place where the eye can rest and one can experience serenity.

This body of work represents a new dialogue in which Katherine has disciplined and isolated her ideas into a cohesive creative language that identifies the need for stillness and tranquility. Her exploration in experimentation with clay and minerals allows her to push the boundaries of her medium.

To view the entire collection please contact the gallery directly on 917.463.3719 or info@amaridianusa.com.