YOGA: Inspired by Sri Dharma Mittra

Beautiful video I found out about from my dear friend, Lorie Bebber at The Radiant Life. I love seeing Dharma Mittra's grace in this video and students from the Dharma Mittra Yoga Center. Pure, honest, sincere, ego less yogis. Yoga as taught by Sri Dharma is sincere and serious and is in no way a business. It is classical pure yoga. We are blessed to study with him. He is the real deal. If you can take one of his classes your life will change. Dharma is the yogi who is featured on the large black and white poster of over 800 asanas. He rook every image himself while holding a shutter release cord in his mouth and then spitting it out when the flash went off. He assembled it all by hand way before photoshop in the 70's. When you see many poses in magazine, etc. many have originated from Dharma Mittra (but he would never say he came up with them, he is way too humble... and that is why we love him so much!)

Love and light Dharma and Happy Birthday to you too!!!