WORDS UP / selfless service

If you want to develop a greater spiritual practice & be more loving, open your heart selflessly to those in pain & ignorance. Don't judge or get upset at an angry or emotional person. Stay rooted in sattva. Those full of mental, physical, or emotional pain or ignorance are burning through karmas. Karmas we all had, have, or could accumulate. So just love and serve.
- Tara Hogan

Image above... Where it's at... the heart... karma yoga (selfless service with no intention of reward/fruit) & bhakti yoga (devotion). My friends, Desiree & Bianca thoughtfully & selflessly carrying me down about 6 staircases in Vrindavan (& all over India). & they carried me up too. I was in a cast with a broken foot in India and honestly would not take back the experience for a second.