THE GREATER GOOD: "I AM" Official Trailer

Tom Shadyac, can I have a job working with you, please? I am serious. Can someone introduce me?

"In the 1990s Tom Shadyac was one of the most successful directors in Hollywood. FromAce Venture: Pet Detective, to The Nutty Professor and Liar, Liar, he was making the kind of huge hit comedies studios dream of. Then Shadyac was in a bad bicycle accident that changed everything. His physical injuries healed but the experience changed his outlook on life. He sold his mansion, moved into a trailer, gave away his money and possessions and began thinking about a movie that would explore how we, as humans, can change the way we live and make the world better. That documentary, I Am, will be out in February. Check out the inspirational trailer and read the plot synopsis after the break.

Here’s the trailer for Shadyac’s I Am. If you’d like to know about Shadyac’s situation, the Los Angeles Times did a great profile."