RETURNING from INDIA: Growth through injury

day 4 of broken foot at flower festival inside Radha Gopinath Temple Mumbai

The ISKON temple where I broke my foot

The ISKON temple where I broke my foot

A friend to all, Radhinath Swami. I was thankful to be in his care with a broken foot.

The intrinsic problem in trying to enjoy this world is... we are not the controller

His Holiness Radhanath Swami

This pretty much sums up my trip. We cannot control anything. We can practice ancient yoga techniques to control the senses and enter into a greater state of concentration and meditation but even when we do we cannot control our fate or anyone elses. And, we certainly cannot control our journeys. Everyone asked me if I was excited to go to India and I never said yes. I said I am happy and thankful to go. I had a strong feeling something was coming, for some time. All of 2010. I had no idea it would be a broken foot on a pilgrimage to another continent but hey, what does it matter really if you break your foot in India or in your home town? It is the state of mind or mode you are in that will ultimately define the experience. If I had to break my foot, I am happy I was in divine hands at that given moment (at a Krishna temple blessed by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada), found in the hallway on a sacred marble staircase by A.G. Mohan, a disciple of Sri T. Krishnamacharya for 18 years, and consoled by Radhinath Swami, then brought to a devotional hospital where I was never left to cry alone or wonder why my husband or mother were not by my side. Why was I at peace? Because everyone around me was a peace and vibrated no fear, hostility, remorse, or indifference. I was treated like a newborn child dipped in holy water or at least that is what I felt like that day I turned my right foot 90 degrees on a marble staircase and blessedly caught my fall with what I call 20 years of hard core ab exercises and perhaps a bit of good karma. It could easily be seen as a blow to my trip but as you will read in the blog posts to come it was anything but a pain literally or physically. If the mind can transcend what is often considered a negative experience and turn it into a large lesson, answers about one's path will soon reveal. I never went to India to see the Taj Mahal or shop. I did shop a little and had as much fun as I could while buying tunics and other lovely things but my real intention for this trip was to learn and surrender. I flew to India to sit with people who know deep humility within and love life no matter what is in their path. I have found a new sense of calm and a profound direction to help others.


Brief recap:

I have been back a week from my trip to Amsterdam and South and North India. My delayed response has been due to breaking my foot (5th metatarsal fracture) which took place 3 weeks ago at the ISKON Juhu Temple in Mumbai at 6:30am prior to a beautiful day planned to see his holiness Radhanath Swamis's eco farm. However, I had my own blessed experience the minute I broke my foot up until the hospital stay and treatment at Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mumbai which Radhanath Swami is the director. I am still gathering my notes, images, and bearings at home now and will have full posts starting with Amsterdam by tomorrow. I have so many stories and images to share.

Image above from the flower festival at Radha Gopinath Temple, where I stayed for 5 nights. I had to sit in a chair during the festival but it was no less amazing. Two red roses landed in my lap and I am still treasuring this experience. Words will never be able to describe it but I will do my best!

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