TRAVEL: Amsterdam + India here I go

I leave for Amsterdam today and will be enjoying the design scene, visiting the Hari Krishna temple daily and soaking up the space in which to breathe in a new year. Next week I am off to India. First stop, Radhanath Swami's temple in Mumbai. Radhanath Swami feeds over 100,00 children a day. I will arrive at the ashram a few days before our group pilgrimage begins led by the ever sincere Raghunath. I met Raghunath for the first time at Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree, CA. He announced a pilgrimage to India. That was it. I knew it was time. Decision made in the vortex that is Joshua Tree buzzing about with hummingbirds and open possibility to see the rawness of the earth and connect to the inner most self.

From Mumbai, I will travel to Kerala, the birth place of Ayurveda. Please bring on the oil massage and warm weather. it has been so cold in Syracuse and while a yogi in neither hot or cold, my body is really in need of some sun and heat.

The tail end of the trip, quite literally, as there are monkeys everywhere, is Vrindavan, We will meditate, study the Mahabharata, practice asana, offer service, visit temples, visit Swamis, chant, eat, learn, and love on this trip. I can hardly hold back the tears as I have seen this journey for quite some time, over 20 years. I wanted to visit India as a very young girl not knowing very much about it except that my mom was studying at a Ashram and I knew I connected with eh people and the spirituality. I am thankful.

I will not have my laptop during the trip so I will try to post the best I can. But, one promise I made to myself was to not work so in moderation I will connect to the Internet. In the meantime, feet in sand and head in the sky.

Thank you to all of you who have supported my path to take this trip. All is within.

Om Shanti
~~ Peace