my studio barn dreams: Put Love in, Get Love out

This oldie but a goodie will be going through renovation's late Spring. I cannot wait. I will have my dream design studio and a place to host my private yoga clients. If you manifest your goals they will come true.

One of my private yoga clients was kind enough to connect me with his dear architect friend who designed the Syracuse Carrier Dome and many other structures around the Syracuse area. I met with this amazing woman today who said our barn is totality salvageable and then some. We will have a lot of work to put in but nothing like if we had no barn at all and had to start from scratch. Plus, the previous owners did not rip it apart so all the original wood is there and many of the best parts from years and years ago remain in tact.

Between the architect and engineer carpenter I have my dream team. I am so thankful because good help is really hard to find. Really good help, like the help you dream of where the people just get it and will tell you the truth before they take your money.

I cannot wait to log the process and share it with you. it will be a while but for now I leave you with an image of the current structure.

I have learned to persevere greatly through my year long journey trying to build a studio outside my house. I have a current studio 15 minutes away and honestly cannot wait to move back home where I can work in a structure I helped build and design. Plus, I can save on gas and that is huge! And, I like my juicer and VitaMix nearby to make healthy food. My health is first and the barn reno goal is 100% intended to provide the best place for me to work and feel at peace.