Our bathroom remodel coming up

Why is it remodeling takes FOREVER! We have been in our 2nd home 2.5 years. Our last one we had to sell housed us for 8 years. Both home never had decent bathrooms. And, I do not mean some old dusty floors. The bathrooms we have lived in have been less than fun. My husband and I are in our second fixer upper and the list is just endless.

Now, this coming week I am finally putting in the calls to a few talented chaps that will turn our dumpy bathrooms around. Our downstairs bathroom is a storage place right now. Good times, right? And, so many times while being near it I have had to walk past it thinking, when is this going to get done?!

We have to keep it simple since we are redoing 2 and by simple I mean brilliant and thoughtful but to the point.

This bathroom is like a shoebox which is good for our budget. Not much tile is needed and we only need 1 light. Above is what I am thinking to fix this super small space only 12ft wide by 3ft deep. Classic and modern.

light: Schoolhouse Electric
penny round tiles: The Tile Shop
wall mount basin: Vintage Tub
shower head/lever: Kohler