Eleanor Grosch of Push Me Pull You

Eleanor Grosch of push me pull you, and I were quick to become great friends while emailing a few years back but we finally got to meet in person this year and let me just say... soul sisters. It was like, hello, I love you!!!!! Eleanor is really fantastic. Super sweet and kind. An animal lover and avid to raise environmental awareness, she has a new print to help birds in the Gulf and it will be for sale soon. 100% of all proceeds go to the cause which will be announced soon.

Eleanor also recently spoke at the 2010 How Design Conference.

Some of my favorite Eleanor Grosch designs include
Polar Bear Charity' print
All proceeds go toward the World Wildlife Fund to help Polar Bears reclaim their vanishing habitat.
Modern Menagerie' Mug

Eleanor also shares her National Stationery Show experience and tips here on her blog which are super helpful.