Pull Your Weeds Plant Good Seeds

I love this phrase often mentioned by yogis. It honesty changed my life in the last year.

What you have around you becomes you. What is in your kitchen cabinets, closet, body, and mind can really lift you up or bring you down. I have always loved motivational prints and posters but did not want to create one that was complicated but rather light, minimal and conceptual. This piece is made of thin birch ply and archival inks. It is lovely and fits right into a standard 11x14 frame. The one shown here is from IKEA and under $20 and even comes with a mat. You can also find white frames at Pottery Barn and Target.

This print is now in my home and I love walking by it everyday as it reminds me to keep pulling and keep planting good things. If it does not lift me up its outta here! I listed uplifting words we can all plant everyday in our life at the base of the design which are contained in rounded circles and the words at top that we are pulling are in a triangular pattern hence removing the obstacles, the noise, the chitta vrittis (mind chatter/moneky mind) as we say in yoga thanks to Pantanjali's Yogi Sutras. The doubts, fears, ego, and chaos that can become us if we are not careful to fill ourselves up with compassion, love, and peace. I hope you enjoy this piece as much as me.