Organic Avenue Inspires Me

I blogged Organic Ave a while back but it is never a bad thing to see them again. If you are in NYC you are lucky because these guys press all their juice so it is ultra fresh. Plus, their raw food selection is divine. One of the best I have seen. It is a super cute little place. The Juices from Left to Right are: Freshly scooped and poured Coconut Mylk, Organic Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, Organic Orange Juice, Coconut Water, Alkaline Lemonade, Organic Green Love (mixed organic green leafy veggies), and the Ruby Red. The juices are all cold pressed and made daily in a unique refrigerated juicing plant in NYC.

In the midst of being so busy lately (who is not busy, right?) I have been starting to juice more. Spring is near and it is a perfect time to get the kapha (heaviness, weight) out of the body. Juicing watermelon is my favorite as it releases water from the subcutaneous membranes in the body enabling excess water to leave, re hydrating you, and cleaning out the organs. Not to mention it tastes amazing. I add lemon, lime, and fresh ginger after I juice the watermelon. Also, carrot, ginger and apple juice is great too. Keep in mind juice should be drank on an empty stomach and watermelon always alone for optimal digestion and absorption.