A Little Hut's Packaging Turned Toys

Patricia Zapata is the creative genius behind the blog, A Little Hut. She is also the author of Home, Paper, Scissors: Decorative Paper for the Home. Patricia is multi talented and to top it off really really sweet. I love this blog post she did of empty packaging boxes and cardboard that her and her children all made into storage toy shelves and a car garage type of structure for mini matchbox cars and trucks. Amazing what we can make out of what tends to be thrown away into piles and piles of more stuff. Not to mention stressing over money to buy things we think we need or want when sometimes the solution is staring us in the face at possibly no charge.

What was really special here is Patricia involved her children in a very resourceful fun project. They worked together as a family and she positively influenced them about recycling and looking at everything having value.