Home Remedy ID Design by INK+WIT

Recently I worked on an ID project with the lovely Yelena Cardinal, founder of Home Remedy NYC, located in Forest Hills, NY. This ID developed nicely as the type, being a traditional font, was transformed by trimming it down to feel diverse like a home space. Its angles begin to feel like an in process blueprint drawing for a space revealing its corners, windows, and doors. The floral elements added a stylish mood and also a friendly inviting feeling.

What was really fun to see was Yelena's web designer tie in the ID to an animation of a home space (featured above). The floral icons become patterning for an area rug and the main colors decorated the room for an overall strong connection to the ID.

Home remedy has a great vintage collection you will not want to miss.

Home Remedy is featured in TimeOut NY right now. Check it out!