Yup, I officially have the travel bug and it is an itch to return to Iceland. My most favorite place.
The above images are from trip last year with two dear friends. We visited for 5 days. There is a lot more to Iceland than the Lagoon but you must go at least once to this glorious salt of the earth place. Quite literally. You will relax like you have never relaxed before. Mineral baths, saunas, steam room, pure water, and pure enjoyment. The Iceland people are incredibly calm. They are very kind, intelligent, and aware of the earth's energy, value, and beauty. They currently heat almost all homes with geothermal energy and have built many structures with an eco awareness. And, if you are a vegan or vegetarian there is plenty to select from in Reykjavik. Indian food, heath food stores, cafes with soy milk lattes and vegan spelt pastries. I even went to this vegan cafe that had raw sweets.


CenterHotel Thingholt
Blue Lagoon
Relaxing Blue Lagoon upon departure
Time Out
Grænn Kostur
Laugar Gym + Spa (do not miss this one!)
48hrs in Reykjavik
Northern Lights Tours in Iceland

decor8 and Prêt à Voyager posted my Iceland trip last year. More of my info below:
Boarding Pass

Enjoy my above images taken last January. Hope to be posting more soon.