I think perhaps one of the best things about having a blog is exactly this... I heard from Mary Wolfe and Lisa Evans, of TWO TALK, who work with an international charity, SOS Children. The charity helps children on an impressively large scale have a secure home. In addition, SOS helps families stay together.

Each day Lisa and Mary take pictures of the moments in children's lives from simple everyday things like making cakes, playing in snow, learning to read and draw, to more dramatic moments like giving food and shelter and making new houses following natural disaster and war.

These images are captivating, real, and heartwarming. In each image there is a hint that in these lives there is a chance to heal and live happy.

When collective consciousness comes together anything is possible.

Their blog will updates with a new picture and conversation every day for a year.

To get in touch, please email twotalk@soschildren.org.

You can get a daily update on Twitter at http://twitter.com/TwoTalkAtSOS.