I miss you Organic avenue! Located at 101 Stanton Street NYC, NY 10002 and 43 Eighth Ave., New York, NY. The most charming raw food cafe I have ever been to. I was there over the summer while living in NYC for two weeks. A great friend of mine introduced me to it and without surprise I was smitten.

The juices here are all pressed, not juiced through a electric juice machine. More nutrients and benefits stay in the juice this way.

I am feeling, with the weather change now in NY, that one of these juice cleanses will be in order.

Feeling sluggish? Every morning try warm water with fresh lemon juice, ginger, and agave (or honey). You will sooth your stomach and organs. Toxins will move through easier.

Breads, yeasty carbs, and too much caffeine will have you feeling bloated and irritable in no time. I hear so many people complaining of feeling bloated in the fall and winter. Watch what you put in your mouth and get exercise. People say 20mins a day is enough but really, we need at least an hour since we sit so much. And, we need to sweat, even if it is minimal. A change in your routine is always good.

Juice it up. And, kick your own ass a bit.