AntiGravity® Yoga at OM FACTORY NYC

Hang upside down, for real, and let yourself go. I somehow want that now sitting at my computer. An anti-gravity strap hanging from my ceiling so I can play some funk music and play for like 2hrs. I think I would probably sling shot out all the stuff in my studio I do not need anymore either like magazines that need a new home, and a few pieces of dead weight furniture, LOL Or, I could sling shot myself back to my fave place on earth, Iceland!!!!!

I totally missed going to AntiGravity® Yoga at OM Factory when I was in NYC this summer. I did get there for acro-yoga though.

This is on my list of fun things to do and possibly even start teaching here in Syracuse, NY. As some of you know I am a yoga teacher or as I like to say, a yogi, and have studied with the lovely Dharma Mittra.

More and more people are coming to yoga these days as a way to relax and be still, get in shape, purify the mind and body. Just think, now you can hang in all kinds of asanas (postures/poses) in a rubber band. Sounds good to me!