Goober Peas: Boiled in Brooklyn

I had the chance to finally check out the Brooklyn Flea last Sunday in DUMBO, NY. Who would have guessed I would eat a goober pea. I love the name. A boiled peanut with a Cajun flavor that tastes like a bean. Slightly addictive but also filling In a way you may only want 2 or 3 at a time. Totally interesting and fun to eat, give as a gift, and share at a party in the summer. Boiled in Brooklyn has 4 distinct flavors, salty classic, less salty, spicy Cajun, and special blend. I think a honey mustard would be good too.

Goober Peas: Boiled in Brooklyn is a joint venture between Kate Burke and Chris Dial.
Chris and Kate, who currently live in Cobble Hill (Brooklyn, NY), are from North Florida and have always loved a good goober pea. They moved to New York about three years ago, after finishing grad school at Yale, and quickly realized that you can find just about anything in new York City except a fresh “green” boiled peanut. "In the South there is a long standing tradition of eating boiled peanuts roadside and at outdoor events. Our love for Goober Peas and their association with good times, friends, and summer is something we would like to share with the City."