SHOW ABOVE: MOTHER MAYA (image via Mother Maya)

"Mother Maya
Mother’s time-tested ability to inspire and create change in human behavior and understanding is a matter of flawless record from the past 25 years of her devout work in the US and around the world. Her phenomenal Shakti is capable of dramatically shifting individual awareness to reclaim the sanctity"

Today via Mother Maya say:
Praise to the Prana- breath of life - praise to your uproar. Praise to your thunder. Praise to your lightning. Praise for your rain. Praise be the breath of life."


In times of great need, now, this society and world could all use a prayer. For the animals, environment, each other. Ahimsa means non-violence in one's thoughts, actions, and way of life. Even if you are not verbally saying something harmful, if you are thinking it towards yourself or others it is violence bared, a vibration creating harm. It will eventually breed a harmful action resulting in negativity. Every action breeds reaction. Cause and effect is a scientific fact. It exists everywhere. Just because you do not always see the results of your thought right away we wonder why "bad" things happen to us. It could be karmas from past lives or from the present life. It could be from today. Like my dear yoga guru, Dharma Mittra, says, "be ready for a blackout." You just never know. Kindness should always be on your mind.

I have a hip strain right now and my asana practice has been greatly challenged. If your yoga is defined by asana you will surely be without it at one time in your life knowing that yoga is not asana. It is love. It is good intention. It is purification of the senses through vigorous yamas, niyamasa, tapas, kriyas, detox of nadis in the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical self. It is everything. In this is being a ahimsa and being a peaceful being.