SEESAW by Erik Jørgensen + Louise Campbell

Can you imagine having a get together and three people balancing this seesaw sitting piece? So funny, right? Especially if there are cocktails involved. Someone might be falling off. Definitely a fun piece. I think want a seesaw in my house now.

Produktfamilie: EJ-2800 Seesaw (Erik Jørgensen)

Designer: Louise Campbell
Jahr: 2002
"With clear references to childhood Louise Campbell’s Seesaw is both playful and inviting. Characteristic of Louise Campbell’s design the seesaw has an element of dream and magic about it." "The surprising form challenges normal expectations of up-holstered furniture and offers functions that one does not usually associate with interior design. Seesaw is equally suited for brainstorming as informal chat. Dialogue occurs quite naturally, since you have to be two people to find the balance on Seesaw, and breaking out in a smile is never far away once you have seated yourself."