I gush over Hardtail clothing. While I have a yoga practice and love wearing Hardtail's pants I would likely go buy the store out even if I never practiced yoga in my life. Their clothing is comfortable, simple, and flattering. There must not be one in my neck of the woods becasue the universe knows I would buy everything and have no money to eat.

Part of my highlight visiting Santa Monica, CA., 1.5 years ago was walking straight into the Hardtail store. I actually did not end up buying anything since I was on a budget for the trip but then found a great piece of their clothing on sale at EXHALE Spa which, by the way, also rocks in Santa Monica. It is the only EXHALE SPA with the full spa. Advice: go get a massage and relax in the inclusive amenities like the sauna, jacuzzi, and steamroom. Entry for one, please, like NOW!!!!! I am so freaking cold.