Besides being excited to check my email today and see what surprises may be found in the inbox, I saw the Yahoo news section, "OMG", which I try to avoid, and found Gwyneth Paltrow's new site, GOOP. Funnily enough, there is negative controversy from critics that they "do not get it."

I have read through this site and I think it is inspiring and amazing and I totally get it. It is a journal slash blog slash memoir site. What is not to get... that it is actually healthy and inspiring? Can we not all use a dose of positivity right now? There is so much negative news EVERYWHERE online, TV, in print. Of course, there is plenty of positive as well but somehow many people see the negative news since we are bombarded with it in this country. The media seemed appalled that Gwyneth was putting forth her knowledge of yoga, diet, exercise, and spirituality.
Gwyneth lists a full detox to do drinking warm water everyday which I swear by, and shakes, salads, and clean easy meals to make while flushing out your system. She recounts her trips to Paris and lists the book she is reading.

What most impressed me is a celebrity took it upon themself to make a blog-like site that reaches everyone. it is also not flashy or pretentious. The everyday things she writes about are all things we could use to fulfill our life and make them healthier. Thank you Gwyneth.