I strive to not have attachments but the Blue Lagoon in Iceland remains one of my favorite (ah hem, attachments) places to indulge in spa services and scenic landscape. This is by far the most amazing place I have stayed in terms of natural scenery, affordable 5 star accommodations, service, and geothermal pools with saunas, steam shower, and silica mud mask to clean out your pores available around the lagoon to use as you wish and included in the price.

The rooms are lovely and have a patio are where you overlook The volcanic rock and landscape. There is breakfast included and a espresso machine to use freely. They even had soy milk. I almost died. There are two places to eat at the Lagoon. A restaurant and a small cafe.

If you are looking o go to Iceland now is a good time as the US dollar actually holds some weight. Last year this time it would have been double the cost for me to go. I visited Iceland this past January and will indeed go back.